DÖÐLUR is a creative company based in Reykjavik, Iceland. DÖÐLUR was founded in January of 2012 by Creative Directors Daniel Atlason and Hörður Kristbjörnsson, a pair of revered creatives who formed an allegiance through years of working together at two of Iceland’s biggest advertising agencies. After successfully collaborating on campaigns for clients such as IKEA, TOYOTA, The National Bank of Iceland, Icelandair, Vodafone and 66N, the duo decided to join forces in a company of their own.

The DÖÐLUR team consists of Director & Editor Friðrik Snær Friðriksson.

The company name DÖÐLUR (Icelandic for "dates", the fruit in plural) is a mix of the founders’ first names. It started off as a running joke, but they liked it so much that they decided to keep it as the name of the company. 

Since its inception, DÖÐLUR has been recognized for its first-grade creative output and multi platform development; creating everything from logos, elaborate advertising campaigns, photography, television commercials, hotel design and clothing brands to publishing the most widespread free magazine in Iceland. 

The company's list of clients includes:
Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Blue Lagoon, Logos Legal, ODDSSON Ho(s)tel, UNWOMEN, Hreyfing, KEX Hostel, 1800, BadaBing, Tal Mobile, Síminn Mobile, HF Securities, Channel 2, 365 Broadcasting, Vísir.is, Credit Info, Handpoint, Gangverk, Gistiver, Hotel Egilsen, Andrea Maack Perfumes, TM Software. KronKron, Feldur, Pipit & Moss, EnnEmm, Kría Cycles, Navia, Jónsson & LeMacks, 66° Norður, Fóðurblandan, Farmers Association of Iceland, Miðlun, The Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF), Grapevine Magazine, OZ.com

Services: Advertising, Branding, Design, Video Production, Creative Development, Photography, Music Videos. 

Founded: 2012

Eyjarslóð 9
Kt: 710712-0420
Reykjavík, Iceland