BLUE LAGOON - The Retreat
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Konur á flótta
TM Tímamót
UN Women – Women Bleed
 Inspired by the experimental and dreamy music of Tómas Jónsson our mind traveled far and landed in the world of science fiction. The music could be a fitting soundtract to a sci-fi film telling the story of a space travel. Therefor we decided to create a digital world that fitted the albums futuristic and otherwordly soundscape.
Döðlur by Döðlur
  Campaign for Blue Lagoon   Photography:  Börkur Sigþórsson   
Beauty comes from within - Blue lagoon
TAL Mobile - For us, the others.
TM Software
 A small and intimate 10 bedroom boutique hotel in a historic house, at the heart of Stykkisholmur, filled with local stories, good times and sweet dreams.  Our Story The Hotel stands by the harbor in a fishing town called Stykkishólmur, on the coast of Breiðafjörður (Broad Bay), the bay of thousand islands. Up here, the winters are darker and the summers brighter than most other places. Life moves in its own time and everything has its own story. The people here are storytellers, people of tales who are willing to share their unbridled passion for their local community with their guests.  Our dwellers are explorers - strangers in a strange land. When Hótel Egilsen opens these strangers will feel at home; they can mingle with the natives, swap stories, talk about life and plan new adventures.  We, the proprietors, have so much passion for stories that we created a cure for writer´s block. Sandwiches so delectable that they melt even the most frozen block and the creative juices flowing. It is a well-known secret that certain guests, who will not really afford their stay, might write a story instead of doing the dishes. Hótel Egilsen values a good story as much as it values its sparkling dinnerware.  The stories may come in many forms, there will be novels and vignettes, fantasies, poems, pictures and drawings. Most of them so good that they have to be published. They will create a bond of friendship between us, the locals and our guests. Here are our published stories.
Channel 3 Identity
  Síminn Mobile - Let´s tell stories (with  Ennemm )     DIRECTION / CREATIVE / PHOTOGRAPHY (2013)   A true story of when, a kindergarten teacher and a drummer of Botnleðja, Halli was offered to become the next drummer of a band that was on the verge of stardom. He declined - he wanted much more to hang out with the kids.   For Iceland´s largest mobile company Siminn "let´s tell stories"  campaign.
  Síminn Mobile - Let´s tell stories (with  Ennemm )     DIRECTION / CREATIVE / PHOTOGRAPHY (2013)    A true story about a misunderstanding between two brothers when playing basketball as kids.    For Siminn Mobile "let's tell stories"